Plato's "Atlantis" Essay by Suzanne

Plato's "Atlantis"
An analysis of Plato's "Atlantis" and what it might have been like.
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"The story of Atlantis is one that has fascinated man kind for thousands of years, leaving many speculations as to if it really existed and what it was like. It is a remarkable tale of discovery, technology, power, and destruction that the world has forgotten and now struggles to remember. Though many people turn there heads in opposition at the mere suggestion of such a place, there is actually an immense amount of factual evidence that supports the existence of a great lost continent. Such evidence is present in ancient stories, underwater ruins, and maps that have only recently been discovered. There is also compelling evidence that an advanced race was connected to the constructions the Sphinx and the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Atlantis has become a legacy that will not die until the mystery is finally solved, and when this happens man kind will begin to respect the great continent that was swallowed by the sea."

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