Piaget and Cognitive Development Essay by Jem87

Piaget and Cognitive Development
This paper discusses Piaget's cognitive developmental theory, concentrating on child development.
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In this article, the writer notes that Piaget was renowned for his work within the field of cognitive development, particularly child development. The writer points out that he dedicated most of his time looking into how children's minds develop throughout their childhood. The writer discusses that Piaget's theory is based upon four stages, which he argued the child will go through in a systematic orderly way. The writer maintains that although there have been some psychologists who have criticised his work, it still provides some vital information and understanding into how children's minds develop. The writer concludes that overall, Piaget has provided today's society with a greater understanding within the field of child development.

From the Paper:

"Once a child reaches the age of 7-11 years old, Piaget believed that they progress into the concrete operational stage. In this stage children are able to complete conservation tasks. As well as this, they are also less egotistical, and are able to look at more than there own point of view; this was demonstrated by correctly completing the mountain task. Piaget also looked at transitivity tasks. For example, looking at if A is bigger than B, and B is bigger than C, then A must be larger than C. He found that children in this stage were only able to complete this task successfully, if the objects were present.
"One part of Piaget's theory that he did not seem to consider, was the universal aspect. Not all of his theory can be applied to all countries and cultures."

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