Parenting Styles Essay by MJ

Parenting Styles
This paper describes and discusses the effect on adolescents of three parenting styles: Authoritative, authoritarian and permissive.
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This paper explains that in the authoritative parenting style, which is considered the most positive parenting approach, parents' demand and responsiveness are high enabling a adolescent to have a sense of strong personal value, self-control and a feeling of security. The author points out that authoritarian parents have high demands, but low responses; they expect their adolescent to do as their told and not question them. The paper relates that permissive parenting, both low demand and low responsiveness, is the worst of the parenting styles because these parents don't set any limits or demands and are most of the time neglectful of their adolescent.

From the Paper:

"This [Authoritarian] will make it very hard for an adolescent to establish any self-reliance or self control, since the parents are attempting to control the adolescent rather the backing their decisions.6 In turn this is doing the opposite of what the parent is wanting. It is teaching and encouraging aggression and bad behavior, and when taking to extremes is abusive. The adolescent will be prone to live in fear and be aggressive towards other. You are able to see this in the behavior of the adolescent as well as the grades, and interaction with peers. These adolescents are more drawn into drugs and violence then adolescents raised by authoritative parents. Adolescent raised in an authoritarian environment are also prone to not feel empathy for others, or for themselves. They will more likely then not carry on this behavior into adulthood due to the fact that they are unable to stop the behavior that was taught and encouraged at home."

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