Ottoman Policy in 1565/1566 Essay

Ottoman Policy in 1565/1566
Insight into the Ottoman policy in 1565/1566 as reflected in "The Book of Important Affairs" (mhimme defterleri) from the Ottoman chancelary
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The paper deals with the Ottoman domestic and foreign policy during the last year of life of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent.The paper uses primary sources published in Turkey and attempts to answer to different research questions and explain certain political choices of the Ottomans. The methods employed for achieving these outcomes, are the quantitative and statistic methods based on visual outputs and research on the sources.

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"The essay deals with the Ottoman state policy in 973 H. (1565/1566 d. Hr.) as revealed by the orders (hukum) and imperial letters (name-i hmayun) from Mhimme Defterleri (The Book of Important Affairs). These books started to be edited by the Ministers Council Archives in Ankara in 1994. The book used for year 1565/1566 is the fifth one (Bes Numerali Mhimme Defterleri) and has 505 pages consisting in a foreword (nsz), preface (sunus), abreviations (kisaltmalar), the table of contents (Iindekiler), the summary of the orders (hukumlerin ozetleri), the index and map of Rumeli. The method used was to establish a database with all the imperial orders and letters found in the book and to compare and interpret them within empire, regions, addressants, stressing the ones concerning principalities of Moldavia, Transylvania and Valachia. As in the book there were 27 provinces to which the sultan addressed in this period, it was necessary to divide the provinces into main regions on a geographical and political basis for a better comparison and interpretation. Thus the following regions came into being: Asia Minor, Europe, Mediterana and Orient."

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