Organized Crime Essay by Arathmis

Organized Crime
An overview of what constitutes organized crime and how it should be dealt with.
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In today?s society, organized crime is glorified through books, television, and movies and gives the public a false sense of the seriousness of organized crime. This paper investigates the true dangers of organized crime and shows just how crucial it is for law enforcement agencies to police them correctly and efficiently. Unlike common street crime, the world of organized crime has a hierarchy or chain of command of criminals, so normal police tactics of simply arresting the perpetrator would not have a great effect. The paper shows that precious man hours are spent arresting only the low-level criminal while the more important heads have time to develop new crimes, increasing the power of their organization.

From the Paper:

"The Mafia is a secret criminal organization that wields great economic and political control over large segments of Sicilian society and operates both criminal and legitimate enterprises in the United States. It is believed to have originated during Sicily's late Middle Ages, beginning as separate bands of strong-arm enforcers hired by local landowners. It eventually evolved into a network of autonomous groups governing in rural areas, ruling a peasantry that received little effective government from a succession of distant, often foreign, royal rulers. Until recent years, despite the efforts of the Italian Fascists to destroy the organization in the 1920s and '30s, the Mafia flourished in the Sicilian countryside. When the Fascists fled Sicily during the Allied invasion of World War II, the Mafia, the only remaining governing structure, worked closely with U.S. forces. Today it dominates much of the business and industry in Sicily's cities (Davis 1993)."

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