Oracles, Prophesies and Curses of the Ancient World Essay by Research Group

Oracles, Prophesies and Curses of the Ancient World
This paper discusses that our ancient counterparts used oracles, prophesies and curses as part of their religious beliefs and observances, which served more function than modern religion.
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Published on May 01, 2003 in Psychology (Social) , Psychology (Parapsychology) , Religion and Theology (Other)

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This paper provides an overview of some of the practices and belief among different ancient groups, focusing on the traditional cradle of civilization and the classical world. The author points that oracles are always associated with a particular place, prophecies might be generated anywhere and a curse is simply a way of getting the Gods to do one's dirty work for one. The author concludes that when we open the paper to read our horoscope, we behave in the same manner as the ancient people finding their way to the oracle at Delphi.

Table of Contents
A Brief Survey of Oracles in the Ancient World
A Brief Survey of Prophesies in the Ancient World
A Few Curses

From the Paper:

"A corollary to this fact is that oracles are in general associated with a single god or goddess, since deities tended to be tied to certain places or kinds of places, whereas a person might serve as a prophet, or receive prophecies from, a number of different gods or other divinities.
The fact that one had to travel to an oracle to receive wisdom from it rather than having the gods come to one to deliver prophetic information may have granted to oracles a greater sense of authority. This is related to basic economic arguments about scarcity: If prophesies could be had anywhere, but oracles were limited to a few places " some requiring expensive sacrifices " then oracles would often be privileged over prophesy."

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