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Obesity and the Elderly
This paper discuses health promotion and health teaching strategies for obesity and older people.
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This paper explains that, although weight loss is recommended for older adults who are overweight and obese in the same way as it is advised for younger adults, there are questions concerning the long-term health effects of weight loss for elderly individuals. The author points out that, if older people are very obese, they will experience acute and chronic problems, but being underweight is actually a more serious problem since it has a greater link with mortality than does obesity. The paper relates that, in identifying the older person's weight loss goals, it must be remembered that, in terms of mobility, intentional weight loss by the older person does not always produce benefits. The author suggests that the best point to begin is with some concern that the person has about the effects of their obesity.

Table of Contents
Health Teaching and Learning Strategies

From the Paper:

"There are also cultural factors that include learned beliefs and traditions, as well as extrinsic factors such as advertising. Certain eating patterns, especially cultural ones, may contribute to the epidemic of obesity. For example, elderly Hispanics have a high prevalence of obesity, diabetes, systolic hypertension, and physical disability because their diets are high in refined grains. These patterns are based in the determinants of health because they illustrate the interactions between biology, culture, food availability, education and lifestyle."

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