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New Delhi's Air Pollution
This paper examines the cause and effects of the air pollution problem in New Delhi as well as steps taken by the government to improve the city's air quality.
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This paper focuses on the poor air quality in India's capital city New Delhi as well as the effects on its residents. Industry is by far the greatest contributor to New Delhi's poor air quality due to the emissions of suspended particulate matter, hydrocarbons, sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide. Another major contribution to the air quality was the population explosion which resulted in a dramatic increase in automobiles. The writer of this paper details the changes implemented by the government to improve New Delhi's air quality which include requiring catalytic converters on all vehicles as well as the banning of all leaded gasoline. Another positive change involved the conversion of the gas and diesel fueled city buses to compressed natural gas.

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"As it is, the air quality in New Delhi has already had serious consequences for the city's population. "A World Bank study on the health effects of air pollution in Delhi revealed that [suspended particulate matter] in Delhi alone led to premature [the] death[s] of 7491 persons in 1991-1992." In fact, the problem is so widespread that India's privately-run Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute reports that "two of every five residents [of New Delhi] suffer from lung, liver, or genetic disorders due to highly-polluted air." Furthermore, children living in the city are up to three times more likely to suffer from respiratory disorders than children in other parts of India. However, those who are most at risk are people who work in close proximity to automobiles such as taxi drivers and blue-collar workers."

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