Neolithic Art Essay by johnnyoutsmart

Neolithic Art
This paper discusses the importance of the Neolithic period to the art historian. It is important because it laid the foundation for all consequent art.
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Published on May 18, 2005 in Art (History) , Archaeology (General)

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This paper explains that, like archaeologists, art historians play the role of detective by studying, analyzing, and interpreting the earliest known works of art not only to explain their aesthetic beauty or significance, but also to demonstrate how they represent the unwritten history of humanity. The author points out that the art from the area called Catal Huyuk demonstrates both figurative and abstract components, showing that art was already conceptual at this time, being about ideas and not things. The paper relates that Cycladic art and the megalithic architecture, which are represented in structures of cromtech design, or circular and spiral arrangements like Stonehenge, reveal the unifying feature of art and its movement from Europe to the Middle East to Europe.

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"Only when the context of a work of art is known can we go beyond an appreciation of its formal qualities and begin to analyze its place in the history of art - to trace the evolution of art through the ages" (23). Within this historical goal of the study of art, also being a study of human evolution, the Neolithic period is of great importance. This period of human evolution was among those that witnessed "the birth of art," and lasted from approximately 6000 BC to 3500 BC (25). The Neolithic paintings and artworks illustrate the way in which early man interacted with his environment, his level of development as in the tools he had fashioned, his culture, his vision of himself in relation to the world and other living creatures, and his beliefs, further providing a link between the different stages of human evolution and art development through analysis of the different techniques and materials used, and the different subjects portrayed as well as the differing methods of portrayal."

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