Nationalism, Isolationism and the Internet Essay by writingsensation

This paper examines the combination of nationalism and isolationism within the realm of the internet and advanced technology.
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The writer of this paper contends that the reason the internet is such a big part of globalization is due to the fact that for the first time in history, any individual in any part of the world can communicate in a completely uncensored way over the entire planet. This paper focuses on the combination of nationalism and isolationism within the realm of the internet. This paper examines the advantages of nationalism that began to flourish, thanks in large part to internet technology, as the first world nations and the rest of the industrialized world separated itself from the less capable or developed nations. This paper analyzes the numerous aspects of the internet which are far different from other mediums as it provides a way to present information in a variety of approaches, each uniquely different and targeted to a specific audience. The paper also discusses the downside to the internet and advanced technology, in that it has become a source of isolationism in many third world countries. The writer claims that internet access on a global scale has a definite negative stigma which has been termed the 'digital divide.' This paper examines how the movement of globalization and strong nationalism has isolated third world nations. The writer contends that while nationalism flourishes, attention must be given to the those third world countries that have become more and more isolated due to their inability to bring technology to their citizens.

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Nationalism & Globalization
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"The internet is basically a way for organizations, parties and movements to present them selves in the same way as we would look at a magazine, newspaper, radio shows or television presentations. The unique aspects of the Internet that is different from these other mediums because it provides a way to present information in a plethora of ways, each way uniquely different for however the target audiences may be. In the same respect, the Internet can personalize 'homepages,' or web sites to also present a very individual message for different audiences. The Internet, therefore, is a much more public and at the same time personal provider of information. This also entails that a majority of the Internet is completely dominated by individual users such as newsgroups, chats, BBS while other parts are completely commercial business related."

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