Moral Development through the Use of Multimedia Essay by airege

Moral Development through the Use of Multimedia
This paper is a detailed curriculum work unit, which involves the use of multimedia as a significant element in the teaching of character education in public schools.
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This paper explains that using multimedia to teach moral development satisfies two educational objectives: (1) Teaching character education, which fosters responsible, ethical and caring young people by modeling and teaching good character through emphasis on universal values and (2) teaching children multimedia skills. The author points out that many of the activities, included in this unit, require the students to have access to a variety of multimedia, such as video equipment, word processing, a computer and Internet access. The paper relates that the unit will be evaluated by monitoring student behavior in comparison to behavior prior to the implementation of the unit in and out of the classroom and assessing student and teacher attitudes regarding the implementation of such a program through surveys. Chart.

Table of Contents
Aims and Objectives
Principles of Effective Character Education
Principles of Effectively Using Multimedia to Teach Character Education
Resources Required
Unit and Lesson Outline
Character Education Unit: Outline of Lessons
Lesson 1: Introduction to Class
Lesson 2: Self Esteem
Lesson 3: Identifying Respectful Behavior Activity
Lesson 4: Doing One's Share in the Community
Lesson 5: Big Brothers and Sisters Activity
Lesson 6: Bully Busting
Lesson 7: Community Calendar Activity
Lesson 8: Care Packages for Foster Children
Lesson 9: Guest Speakers
Lesson 10: Good Citizen Interviews
Assessment Activities
Listening Skills
Links to Relevant Curriculum Documents

From the Paper:

"Educators must provide learning opportunities to students that will teach character skills in this arena that they can carry with then throughout life into all of their interactions, beyond the conventional methods of interaction to which we are accustomed.Today, our youth faces many difficulties and dangers unknown to earlier generations. These skills are often not taught at home because there are more day-to-day pressures impinging on the time that parents and children spend together. Much of time has been traded in for those more non-traditional ways of communicating, like the use of multimedia methods such as text and video conferencing. Since children spend a majority of their time in schools, it is imperative that schools resume a proactive role in assisting families and communities by developing caring respectful environments where students learn core ethical values."

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