Modernization of 15th Century Europe Essay by ANO730

Modernization of 15th Century Europe
Describes people, events and inventions that significantly helped modernize Europe during the 1400s.
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This paper connects the various topics pertaining to the modernization of Europe in the fifteenth century. It begins with the Black Death and progresses to other topics such as the printing press, the Renaissance, the power of the church, the creation of Municipal Liberties and antisemitism.

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"Spain entered an era of prosperity that provided enough wealth to fund Columbus' desire to try sailing to the Indies from the west. 70 days later, on October 12th, 1492, Columbus reached what is now an island in the Bahamas, named San Salvador. While he didn't really find much more than a little gold and some coconuts, his exaggerated report to the queen gave rise to future funding and interest in the Indies, thus beginning American colonization. The economic plans of Europe were completely revolutionized in the wake of the excitement over the Americas. Important trading ports now moved bit by bit away from Europe and began to include those discovered by those early expansionists. However, it was not all good news. The Spanish and other European colonizers were brutal to the Native Americans, and not too long after came in import of African slaves, which would bring about dreadful consequences in the centuries to come."

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