Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games Essay by Master Researcher

Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games
A review of the role of Massive, Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games in developing online relationships.
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This paper discusses how MMORPGs provide an environment in which satisfying relationships can be built. However, the compatibility that players feel with others in the game may be artificially enhanced by game-based pre-selection. The paper further discusses how it is possible, also, that individuals are concealing information that may lead to other players drawing other conclusions about them, if that information was known. Research on MMORPG relationships is scarce, however, existing research shows that players experience greater emotional involvement in these games, rather than outside of them.

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"Jason DesFlam is a husky young man with bright red hair, secured by a blue skullcap. He wears a silver chain-mail tunic, overlaid with a yellow doublet and leggings of red dragon scales. In Ultima Online, Jason is a powerful paladin warrior, capable of both armed combat and simple spell-casting. His blue ostard--a creature that is a combination of an ostrich and a lizard--is not the most powerful of creatures, but is a swift mount that possesses some combat skills of its own. Yet when Jason logs out in the inn, another identity emerges, a forty-five-year-old woman. No one in the game knows who "Jason" really is. They believe she fits the standard demographic of the game, a young man between the age of seventeen and twenty-four."

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