Looking after the Environment Essay by Writing Phan

Looking after the Environment
An essay discussing the way in which humans pollute the environment, with a focus on man's mismanagement of the earth's resources.
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The following paper discusses how man needs to treat the earth with respect if he is to survive. The writer is of the opinion that the extinction of the human species, if it ever occurs, will be due to the mismanagement of the earth's resources rather than the effect of an asteroid hitting the earth, which is believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

From the Paper:

"Man is the most intelligent and enterprising of all the animals. Man has always had a desire to explore and understand the phenomena around him. This in turn has fueled his desire to scale Mount Everest, reach the North Pole, and in an astounding demonstration of technological prowess coupled with determination, walk on the moon. Great inventions in science and technology have been achieved due to man's constant desire to improve his living conditions and his quality of life. Every generation has constantly refined and modified operations and function to make it easier and more effective.The earth is full of changes too. Many of the changes are too subtle and slow for man to observe and recognize, the movement of glaciers for example, a few centimeters or less in a day. Records show that the glaciers, which were almost intact for hundreds of years, are retreating faster since the mid-1800s and the rate of retreat is accelerating with each passing year (Wright, 2002). Darwinian theory states that all plants and animals undergo changes and mutations-we are constantly evolving. Man's influence has however, impacted the habitats and the living condition of many plants and animals. Extinction of a species is many times attributed to the effects of man's encroachment on their habitats. The clearing of forests, contamination of the rivers and lakes due to the run off of fertilizers used in agriculture and uncontrolled hunting for food and sport."

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