Long Distance Swimming Essay

Long Distance Swimming
A brief, personal description of long distance, open-water swimming.
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Published on May 26, 2015 in Sport (General)

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"Long Distance Swimming is the sport of covering long distances in open water. It is called Long Distance Swimming in most parts of North America, although it is also known as Open Water Swimming and Cross Country Swimming. Long Distance Swimming is a very demanding sport, but it is also incredibly rewarding. I competed in the Florida State Youth League of Cross Country Swimming for several years.
"Long Distance Swimming is a difficult sport because it is physically demanding. It uses many muscles that are not used in land-based sports - often, land-based sports, such as track or cycling, use only the legs, or weightlifting, that uses only the arms. Even basketball and football neglect the full use of the core. However, Long Distance Swimming requires that nearly every muscle in the body be in excellent physical condition. Long Distance Swimming also mandates that the body have both fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles. Fast-twitch muscles provide speed and strength, while slow-twitch muscles provide stamina and endurance. The sport involves racing over incredible distances, and as such requires that both types of twitch muscle be trained. Finally, the sport requires that participants have both a strong circulatory and respiratory system. They must be able to breathe freely and deeply, and be able to pump the oxygen in their lungs throughout their body. If either of these systems is not functioning optimally, the swimmer could experience muscles falling asleep, blackouts, or worse - drowning."

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