Living in a Global Society Essay by averbalin

Living in a Global Society
Discusses the challenges that we face living in a "global society". It covers the inevitable changes that we are going to undergo as our world draws ever closer together and society and values collide.
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We live in every changing times. Technology, driven by business and consumers, has made the world a much cozier place than we ever thought. Some believe that we are no longer a number of different nations, but part of a larger "global society". This paper discusses the problems that arise from this occurrence and how we can overcome them.

From the Paper:

"Someone far wiser than me once stated that: "The times; they are a-changing". It can be argued that this reality is no more obvious than it has become today. Isolationism is today an archaic concept. No country is an island unto itself any longer. Love it or hate it we must at least recognize that our place in the meshwork of the fabric of the global society is firm and resolute. As technology shapes our futures and destinies in the years ahead the world that our distant ancestors believed was vast is drawing together into a dynamic microcosm. Some will deny this actuality and others may even lash out violently against integration into a worldwide community. As it has always been however, revolution is a road paved with contention. Cultural, political, economic and religious change comes at a very high cost. Invariably, in the end, some transformations are too powerful to deny or resist."

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