Law in Ancient Rome Essay by HHarris

Law in Ancient Rome
This paper looks at Roman law and the development of the civil law system.
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In this article, the writer discusses that the laws of ancient Rome gave way to the beginning of the law as we know it today. Roman law evolved law and gave way to both unwritten "natural law" and most importantly written law. The writer notes that written law made each law known and so it gave way to the idea of equality for all. The writer points out that the Romans were one of the first governments to actually have written law which helped to govern the people because they could prosecute everyone since each person was required to know the law and go by it. Without written law, our society would be one in chaos. The writer concludes that Rome's history of law through the centuries gave way to law as we know it today and played a very important role in our history.

From the Paper:

"This law was based on customs and applied only to Roman citizens. Since there were more than just Roman citizens in Rome, a set of laws were put in place titled jus gentium or law of the nations. These laws were set in place to govern both Roman citizens and foreigners. This set of laws would govern even magistrates and was a better alternative to jus civil. Generally, Roman had treaties with foreign states that would protect foreigners who ventured into Rome. For those foreigners whose state did not have a treaty with Rome, jus gentium would protect them as well. These laws would consist of three elements. The first would apply to an existing mercantile law and would be used by traders. The second part of the law would govern the Roman citizens and foreigners collectively and the third part of the law said that the magistrate would use his definition of what was fair and just."

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