John Locke and the American Revolution Essay by JPWrite

John Locke and the American Revolution
An analysis of John Locke's influence on the American Revolution.
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This paper examines how John Locke was one of the great philosophers of the seventeenth century whose innovative ideas challenged existing beliefs and eventually gave rise to the American Revolution. It looks at how Locke's ideas and doctrines disrupted the status quo and planted the seeds of doubt that enabled the American colonists to rise against mother England and the established social systems. It shows how his theories redefined the concept of liberty and challenged the absolute rule of monarchs.

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"Locke's ideas were very appealing and inspiring to the colonists who were under the oppressive ruler of the British Empire headed by King George III. Unlike Britain who had a feudal system of class structure, the first generation of Americans was born equal. Therefore, it was not difficult for them to reject the concept of social classes that was prevalent in Britain. This enabled them to readily accept Locke's views and allow Lockean liberalism to dominate political thought in America (Hartz, 1955). These colonists strongly resented Britain's taxation policies such as the Sugar Act (1763), which increase the duties on imported sugar, textiles, coffee, wines, and dye, or the Currency Act (1764), which prohibited the colonies from issuing their own paper currency."

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