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James Madison and Rousseau
This paper discusses that, in "Federalist 10", James Madison was responding to Jean Jacques Rousseau's republican model of democracy as presented in "On the Social Contract".
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This paper explains that, in "Federalist 10", James Madison sought to ensure that the problems identified by Rousseau would be addressed through constitutional checks and balances and a federal system of government. The author points out that, in response to the political model of Thomas Hobbes, Rousseau argued that power is invested in the will of a united people. The paper relates that Rousseau also believed, when the social bond is shattered and special interests aggressively pursue their own agendas while insisting they are acting in the public good, the general will becomes silenced and covert motives guide citizens and groups. The author continues that Madison contended that the republican form of government embodied in the proposed Constitution was conducive to free debate and allowed the various factions certain to emerge to contend with one another and influence the government.

From the Paper:

"Madison arguments were based upon his conviction that political ambition would be checked by rival political ambition, for power would be divided among three separate but equal branches of the federal government, and would be further divided between the federal government and state governments. These arguments reflected Madison's belief that, "there are two methods of curing the mischiefs of faction: the one, by removing its causes; the other, by controlling its effects.""

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