Influences of Cellular Technology on Generation Y Essay by Moondust

Influences of Cellular Technology on Generation Y
The questionable effects of cell phones, pagers and text messengers on teenagers, plus informative statistics on the devices themselves.
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Teenagers, or millenials as they are often referred to, are one of the largest markets to which cellular technology corporations market and sell their products. These products include pagers, handheld text messengers and the cellular phone. The paper shows that while many teens themselves view these gadgets as handy devices with which to keep in constant touch with the world, research shows that many negative issues are associated with irresponsible teenage use of these products. Academics, basic communication skills, credit, responsibility issues and even safety are all being affected by the rising trend in teenage ownership of cellular products. The paper argues that teens themselves do not even seem to really understand the problems and dangers and are oblivious to the true impact cellular technology has on their daily lives.

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"In a time where "the towering infrastructure of modern media" the antennas, satellite dishes, cells, and such "spire towards the heavens" in rapid succession, one should take a look at how this evolving technology is affecting some of the nation's youngest consumers: teenagers (Smith & Clurman, 1997, p. 163). Often referred to by many names (Generation Y, Generation Next, and Generation XX), these "millenials, born in or after 1982," are quickly becoming the most enthusiastic marketing target of cellular technology manufacturers everywhere, and for good reason (Howe & Strauss, 2000, p. 4). Author and social critic Lucy Rollin makes this point very clear in her 1999 novel about teen culture: Keeping in touch with friends and family has become easier. Portable phones have become practically standard issue for teens everywhere that are going off to college or on a car trip, and teens use them in the malls, at concerts, and on the streets as well as in the car pagers as well (p. 318). According to surveys by Wireless World Forum, teen ownership of mobile phones in particular has risen five times from 15% in 1998 to over 75% in 2000 and beyond, suggesting a steady progression of the importance and impact of cellular technology (mobile phones, pagers, and text messengers) in and on the average teenager's fast-paced life."

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