Importance of the Book "Kaffir Boy" Essay

Importance of the Book "Kaffir Boy"
An argument that the book "Kaffir Boy" by Mark Mathabane should not be banned in schools.
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Published on Feb 09, 2015 in English (General) , African-American Studies (General) , Ethics (General)

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This is a very detailed essay on why Kaffir boy should NOT be banned at schools. Many places have banned sections of the book, or the whole book all together due to a graphic scene that is described. I argue that it is better to see this reality and learn about it than be sheltered from it. The book is also full of great lessons that I point out thoroughly in the paper.

From the Paper:

"The book Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane is a wonderfully inspiring story about a young South African boy growing up in the township of Alexandria during the brutal rule of Apartheid. Apartheid literally means segregation, or separation, and this is exactly what the white minorities did to the native people of South Africa. In the poverty-stricken ghetto where Mark lived racial oppression was rampant and jobs were scarce. Jobs were slim to none and when a person finally did find a job, or another potential way out, the government would make it impossible to obtain the right legal documents to achieve the job. Luckily, against all odds, Mark's mother, along with others, help Mark get out of the suffocating grip of Apartheid and onto the path of success. He even makes it into America! Mark did not get here by some fluke, he lived through grotesque tasks and frightening experiences that are unheard of in our culture - unthought-ofeven. Some of the confessions are gut-wrenching and many schools have decided to ban certain parts of the book, like where he explains the child prostitution in his area, others have decided to ban the whole thing. "Kaffir Boy" should not be banned or censored in High School English classes because it is an inspiring book that teaches people about the horrors of Apartheid, to have goals, and to be inspired by the struggles of others!
"Apartheid is a topic that most Americans don't know enough about. In our culture we tend to shut off and ignore the bad in the world, especially when we can't control it. It's a natural response to block out the undesired, but that is not an excise for the under education of what's going on in the world around us. Apartheid was an unimaginably vulgar way for the white minorities of Africa to suppress the native people into square mile ghettos, leaving them with a lack of income and a profusion of disease and starvation. This was a cruel reality for a lot of people. Blocking ourselves off from this truth that the book provides will not make the past disappear or fade away, it will only cause history to repeat itself."

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