How Did Rome Get Water Essay by Peter Pen

How Did Rome Get Water
A brief discussion of the methods used in ancient Rome to provide water to its population.
# 57860 | 814 words | 4 sources | MLA | 2005

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This paper briefly explains how the old water system worked in the Roman Empire. It looks at the different water sources and rivers, which were prominent at the time, and the architectural uses of aqueducts.

From the Paper:

"The aqueducts that Rome used for its water supply came from sources above or around the Tiber River or the Anio Valley. The first aqueduct was built in 312 B.C.E. and named in honor of its originator, Appius Claudius. It marked a major milestone because the previous water supply only came from wells, cisterns, springs, or the Tiber River itself. As the city became more populated, the demand for water grew, and thus more aqueducts were created."

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