Honor among the Bedouins Essay

Honor among the Bedouins
A detailed analysis of the concept of honor among the Bedouins
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Published by on Jul 23, 2014 in Anthropology (Cultural)

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"This essay outlines the concept of honour among the Bedouins, especially as it relates to the hierarchical structure of Bedouin society.Honour, along with status and autonomy, is part of a trinity of concepts that form the basis of Bedouin social interaction and social control. The essay examines how these three social values interact to create the unique set of relationships that govern Bedouin life. Bedouin society is organized along the same lines as the Bedouin family, the latter being viewed as a microcosm of the former. The "power" of tribal leaders is derived from their capacity to behave honourably towards other members of the tribe, just as the power of the male head of the household rests on his ability to relatewith honourto those under his care and protection.The person who behaves honourably derives moral authority, which is the sole basis of social power. Freedom, a notion closely associated with autonomy, is highly prized among the Bedouin, and is maintained throughout Bedouin society by invoking the notion of voluntary dependence for those in the lower levels of the social hierarchy, namely, women, younger men, and children.Dishonour is to be avoided at all costs, and this is achieved institutionally through a segregation of the sexes and the generations on the understanding that avoidance of close contact between these groups facilitates the avoidance of dishonor. Tyranny is frowned upon, and there are mechanisms in place for victims of tyranny to free themselves from the intolerably tyrannical situations. The essay concludes with the observation that the Bedouin honoursystem is a highly effective means of exercising social control in Bedouin society."

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