HIV-AIDS and Africa Essay by Master Researcher

An analysis of HIV/AIDS in Africa and treatment and prevention strategies that are under development.
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This paper discusses HIV/AIDS both in general terms and in relation to the dynamic HIV/AIDS has created across the African continent. The paper examines, in depth, the cause, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of HIV/AIDS. It gives emphasis to testing, treatment, and prevention strategies currently employed and under development; primarily adjusting antiretroviral treatment strategies. Finally, it briefly examines how HIV/AIDS has changed and is changing the demographic structure across Africa and some reasons why HIV/AIDS is so prevalent in that region.

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"AIDS/HIV and Africa HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS Overview HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is a virus in a group of viruses called retroviruses and destroys cells in the body called CD4 T-cells. CD4 T-cells are a type of a white blood cell or a lymphocyte which are part of the body's immune system. These cells are vital to protect the body against various bacteria, viruses and other forms of infecting agents (Freiberg). AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is a term which covers the range of infections and illnesses resulting from a weakened auto immune system caused by HIV. This distinction is important; one can be HIV positive and not to be suffering from AIDS (Freiberg). Most often there exists a lengthy period of time, usually several years, from first being infected with HIV, and the development of infections and other AIDS related issues."

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