Historical Race Report: Native Americans Essay by SBurtis

Historical Race Report: Native Americans
A journalist's report on the Native American struggle throughout U.S. history.
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Published on Dec 09, 2014 in Ethics (General)

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From the Paper:

"January 5, 1979 - Oglala, NE - Witnessing and reporting on the tragic events in Oglala over the last few years has brought to mind questions about the state of humanity in this country. The United States Constitution offers equal rights for all but only if you are white, have money, and do not sympathize with the minority populations. Sure, this reporter's opinion sounds biased, but I am sure this is justified, given the sentiment you will find among the many Native Americans who have suffered at the hands of a government they never asked for. And so, the question remains: how much more tyranny must Native Americans collectively endure?
"Native Americans, from every single tribe across the nation, have faced an uphill battle since the first non-native settlers entered this land, Yes, there were friendly relationships among some, but many Natives had bad experiences from slavery to forced religious conversion to death. And, that was just the beginning! By the 1800s, the United States was well-established and yearning for expansion. As the government began seeking more land, the Native Americans were forced out... tyrannically removed from the land that was rightfully theirs. Because of this, many tribes faced watched the life they once knew crumble away. Their buffalo supply gone, a major source of food and trade, many faced poverty, famine, illness, and death. As they traveled, seeking new homes and refuge, members of different tribes teamed up; a means for survival and continuity of the bloodline. Even these measures did not help to alleviate the dire circumstances and the relentless threats."

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