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Halley's Comet
Discusses discovery, composition, nucleus, 1986 passage, probes from Earth, tail, solar wind and general comet data.
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Published on Feb 20, 2003 in Astronomy (Cosmology) , Astronomy (Space Exploration) , Astronomy (General)

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"This paper will discuss Halley's comet using several current sources which deal with topics such as how a comet works, what causes the comet to be what it is, what new discoveries have been made and what research has been done or is being done on Halley's Comet.
Very recently has come the first unambiguous evidence of organic molecules in the nucleus of Halley's comet. The evidence from recent examination of the infrared spectrum of the comet shows emission by the carbon-hydrogen bonds of a solid in the dust grains surrounding the nucleus of the comet. The temperature of the dust is about 400 K.(a determination made by Giotto, the European comet probe), and yet the wavelength emissions match those observed from bacteria in the library. A dust analyzer on the Giotto shows that the dust is composed of (...)"

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