Globalization: Lifting the Veil of Public Antagonism Essay by HIMajor

Globalization: Lifting the Veil of Public Antagonism
This paper deals with the issues surrounding the very modern concept of globalization and the backlash that it has come up against recently.
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Through several scholarly articles and Joseph Stiglitz's seminal text, "Globalization and its Discontents," this paper offers an examination of the subject of globalization and weighs arguments, both pro and con, in order to more fully understand why resistance has arisen so quickly.

From the Paper:

"When examining something as complex and far-reaching as the economic concept of globalization, it is important to examine numerical and sociological data to reinforce the generally held principles. Chief among these general principles is the notion that globalization is the chief engine behind the downward trend in world poverty and inequality. Globalization, without a doubt, has been a focus of both United States foreign and domestic policy since the beginning of the Cold War through the fall of the Soviet Union and into today's struggles against radical religious fundamentalism. There are arguments, though, that posit the involvement of the American-dominated International Monetary Fund and World Bank have in fact hurt the smaller nations whose economic situations these two organizations, the IMF in particular, have involved themselves in. Tactics like the forced restructuring of failing financial systems, lending funds with usurious interest, and the lowering of protective tariffs have all caused governments and activists alike to despise the IMF."

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