Globalization Essay by Brad7

An analysis of globalization with a focus on its preventing another war by causing all nations to work in harmony with each other.
# 9498 | 2,435 words | 4 sources | MLA | 2002

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This essay discusses the objectives, problems, benefits and results of globalization. The writer describes the effects the events of September 11 had on globalization and offers suggestions for more effective globalization.

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"Globalization is the involvement of multiple countries to manufacture and sell products among each other. Globalization has been around for many years, however its popularity has just recently became recent since the September 11th attack. It was designed to bridge gaps between countries and to provide more equal distribution among the richer and the poorer nations. There is a possibility that the sudden popularity of globalization is to prevent another war by causing all of the nations to work together and in harmony with each other. Whatever the reason the national leaders decided to bring in the globalization there has been both, some benefits and problems caused by globalization. However, the immediate benefits are not transparent yet. The strain on the budget and the economy is experiencing financial setbacks from the strain of globalization. Government leaders may think that globalization is a great idea, but for the present time it is spreading out already tightened funds to thin."

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