Furs from the USA Essay by Master Researcher

Furs from the USA
A discussing regarding the historical impact of the fur trade on the American west.
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This paper reviews the importance of the economic basis for fur trading in the new American west, as it allowed a profitable supply of furs that wealthy Europeans sought after. With this growing demand for furs, pioneers and fur trappers became interested in finding and selling these furs for immense profits. Furthermore, after the near extinction of the beavers west of the Mississippi it became clear that fur traders had a great deal of knowledge about the terrain and landscape of the unexplored west.

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"This historical study will examine the impact of the fur trade on the American frontier west. The economic demand for furs in the "New World" were highly sought after luxury commodities, which gave pioneers an incentive to move west. By actively collecting and trapping furs over the great expanse of frontier land, pioneers and fur traders could effectively build settlements through high profits. In essence, the fur trading industry was an important economic way of life for settlers eager to build the American west. The economic affect that fur trading had on the American west can be found through supply and demand. The demand for furs in Europe was growing in the early 19th century, since many of the furs were slowly diminishing due to over hunting."

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