French Colonialism and the Wars of Liberation Essay by JPWrite

French Colonialism and the Wars of Liberation
This well-researched paper analyzes France's colonization of Indochina, Tunisia, Madagascar and Morocco as well and the wars of liberation fought by its inhabitants.
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This paper explores how both the first and second world wars changed the stature of France in Europe and in the rest of the world. This paper supplies a comprehensive overview of the French colonization and the wars of liberation that were fought by its inhabitants. This paper focuses on the four French colonies of Indochina, Tunisia, Madagascar and Morocco. The writer of this paper also details the methods and strategies France utilized in pursuing its objective of colonization which included using the military to occupy various territories. This in-depth paper contains facts, dates and relevant information regarding the events that led to the various wars of liberation and France's colonization achievements.

Table of Contents:
France as Colonial Power
Indochina as French Colony, 1858-1955
The French Reactions Towards the Resistance
The Viet Minh Resistance
Tunisia Under French Colonialism
Madagascar Under French Colonial Rule, 1895-1960
Morocco as Colonial Territory of France

From the Paper:

"France had nothing new to offer to the people of Indochina and had no intention to give independence to this colony. From 1945 until 1948 there was a power struggle of who is in control of Indochina between Boa Dai and Ho. Boa Dai had the support of the French and Ho the support of the Communist in China. Although Leclerc had good intentions of how to strengthen the French control in Indochina and to empower the people, he did not have enough support and was replaced by General Valluy. Valluy did not have the same vision of empowement as Leclerc. The French not only lacked the forces and equipment but also the support of most of the people of Indochina. The military leaders likewise did not know what their mission was, to defend those areas that are free of the Viet Minh or if they must start with offensive operations in the other areas. This uncertainty, as well as no proper guidance from the politicians in France, and because the people of Indochina were not empowered, ensured that the French would never be able to have full control over the whole of Indochina while there are active resistance against their occupation."

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