Foster Care and Ecomaps Essay by tan

Foster Care and Ecomaps
This is a paper on how ecomaps can be used in the foster care system to improve care and services.
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This paper is based on a case study of a 17-year-old high-needs foster girl. She has been in foster care for 5 years. She is making some big changes in her life, and to demonstrate where she is at, an ecomap has been made to simulate her life. This map shows her foster parent and social worker where Amanda is emotionally, as well as the people that are significant in her life. It also helps them figure out a living plan for Amanda once she turns 18 and ages out of foster care.

Case Study
Amanda's Ecomap

From the Paper:

"An ecomap is a map of the family and the larger world in which the family exists. Its primary use is to highlight the relationships between the family and these other systems. It is another assessment tool that provides a tangible, graphic picture of a family's situation. Ecomaps use symbols to depict the nature of the relationships between the family and other systems. They also show the flow of energy. Ideally, there will be a balance between the energy the family expends and the energy that flows into the family. If there is a major imbalance, it may help social workers and the family to target some areas for intervention. However, when constructing an ecomap the most important thing is that everyone involved in the process understands what the ecomaps and the symbols used in them means."

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