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Forensic Software Testing
A product test of the software known as Zilla Data Nuker which shreds sensitive files so they cannot be recovered or undeleted.
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Zilla Data Nuker uses what the company terms as "shredding algorithms" to obliterate data. The software is designed to be used to improve the functionality of a computer by deleting unnecessary files from the hard drive. The paper shows that Zillasoft also claims that the software can function to help protect the user's privacy by completely destroying information targeted by Zilla Data Nuker. The paper presents the results of performance testing on this software and discusses conclusions and recommendations.

Paper Outline:
Software Title
Software Functionality
Performance Testing
Conclusions (Usefulness, Recommendations)

From the Paper:

"Using a tool that operates with a GUI interface within the Windows environment such as Zilla Data Nuker has some inherent drawbacks. Some proponents of command line forensic tools "argue that most users really do not know what is going on when they 'point and click' their way around a computer forensic examination." (Kuchta, 2001) This may be a true statement but is somewhat beyond the scope of this text since the testing information is not being submitted in a legal proceeding. Conditions where the specifics regarding the process that the software uses to perform its function will often require software experts from the company that wrote the software to help solidify the reliability of the program in question."

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