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This paper examines Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and focuses on mutation.
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Published on Dec 01, 2005 in Philosophy (Science)

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This paper looks at the specific aspect of Darwin's theory of evolution that addresses the changes in the genetic structures of organisms, which is mutation. The paper discusses the history of the understanding of mutation, what it is and what causes it. There is brief speculation about genetic engineering and modification and the implications that they can have on humans and eugenics.

From the Paper:

"With Charles Darwin's publication of his most famous work, "On the Origin of Species," he immediately created a religious and scientific uproar, the effects of which are still being felt today. The basic premise of this book is well known and accepted in the scientific community and much of the lay population as well, which is that every species of life on the earth has genetic ancestors and that they have passed the most beneficial traits down to their descendants in such a way that their species would have the greatest likelihood of survival. This became known as "Darwinism" or the theory of "survival of the fittest" ("Evolution"; Dobzhansky 112). The key to this survival was the organisms ability or tendency to adapt and change, somehow altering its biology to be more compatible with its surroundings."

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