Emotions in Infants and Toddlers Essay

Emotions in Infants and Toddlers
A comparison of the positive and negative emotions of an infant and toddler.
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"In this research I am going to compare a 6 month old boy and a 2 year old girl and their emotions.I will be looking at their negative and positive emotions along with their neutral expressions. Specifically, I will observe their happiness, sadness and anger. To distinguish such emotions I will define a happy emotion by facial expression of a smile slightly raised eyebrows and laughter. A sad emotion will be distinguished by a frown of the lower lip, slightly lowered eyebrows, tears, and verbal expression of sadness. Lastly, an emotion of anger will be distinguished by facial expressions with lowered eyebrows, mouth open, clenched hands, and verbal expression. This topic of observation is interesting for the reasons that although expressions of emotion of a 6 month old and a 2 year old are very different, the similarities are fascinating.Ludemann and Nelson (cited in Fogel 2009) noted that infant's ability to distinguish expressions of emotions is poor at such young age.The study of emotions in infants is also important for several reasons being that; infants use emotions to express themselves, to get what they want, and overall as a form of nonverbal communication with others. A study of infant emotions (Sullivan & Lewis, 2003) found that expressions of infant's emotions can be helpful in a variety of ways to not only parents but also to practitioners everywhere. Fogel (2009) makes numerous claims about the various forms of expressions of emotions infants make to initiate and or express their wants or needs. The purpose of this study is to support the overall hypothesis which is; the 2 year old child will express more positive and negative emotions than the 6 month old when put in various emotionally charged situations within the household."

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