El Nino and Business Essay by RightRiters

El Nino and Business
A discussion of the positive and negative effects of the weather condition known as El Nino on business.
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This paper introduces and discusses the effect on business of El Nino, the name Peruvian fishermen gave the warm currents that would show up every few years just before Christmas. It shows how each occurrence of the phenomena causes enormous damage in personal and business loss and causes flooding, property damage, crop damage and warming in some areas of the country.
Thesis statement and definition of El Nino
Positive affects of El Nino
Decreased energy costs
Less snow removal, more jobs
Not as bad as previous El Nino
Negative affects of El Nino
NOAA results
Less heating costs in Northeast
Damage to crops
Higher prices
Affects to construction
Drought in Hawaii
Ski resorts lose income

From the Paper:

"The weather phenomenon known as El Nino can both adversely and positively affect the business of a particular area. "In the 1982-83 El Nino, floods did $1.2 billion worth of damage, and the following year's drought cost farmers $10 billion, but consumers in the Northeast saved a tidy $2.5 billion on heating bills" (Armstrong and Veomett 33). Since this is a reoccurring activity, business people should learn from prior events, and protect themselves from damage, destruction, and lost income as best they can. There are insurance policies available for some businesses, and they may be worth the cost in the worst-case scenario."

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