Early Transportation in the United States Essay by JPWrite

Early Transportation in the United States
This paper discusses the development of transportation in the United States between 1815 and 1850.
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This paper explains that the invention of the steam engine, which led to the steamboat and the steam locomotive, began mankind's technological leap forward that continues today. The author points out that, secondary to the invention of the steamboat was the locomotive steam engine, which allowed direct transportation from cities on the Atlantic Ocean to cities on the Pacific Ocean without having to traverse the Cape of Good Hope in the extreme southern hemisphere, making it more affordable to ship goods and farm products. The paper relates that public transportation was not available in the United States until after the Civil War; its availability was responsible for the creation of the suburbs.

Table of Contents
Transportation Prior to the 19th Century
The Steamboat
The Steam Wagon

From the Paper:

"How did the invention of the steam engine change the face of American history? The United States was rich in rivers, most especially the Mississippi Rivers that connected the Great Lakes (eventually connected by the Hudson River through the Erie Canal from Chicago to Louisiana. The Louisiana Purchase would have been a poor bargain if it did not include access through the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Until the steamboat became practical, large river barges were poled by hand and smaller boats such were paddled. Both methods were highly labor intensive and slow. Sailboats were not practical outside of the oceans and Great Lakes. Even then, the vessels were dependent on prevailing winds (or lack thereof)."

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