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A look at gender roles in sexual sadism and masochism.
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This is a detailed discussion about the roles that gender may play in the world of sadism and masochism fetishes. The writer explores the societal pressure on gender stereotypes that may have a hand in the emergence of the fetishes in certain people.

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"While the majority of the world has a normal healthy sex life that included making love to the partner or partners of their choice there are those who deviate from what society calls "normal" and participates in practices that are considered to be fetishes. There are many fetishes in the sexual arena that range from women's shoes, to cross-dressing to acts of aggression being acted out. Two fetishes however, seem to be tied to the gender roles that have been perpetuated on to mankind throughout history. The acts of masochism and sadism are both considered by society to be sexual fetishes, fantasies or deviant behavior patterns(Martin, 1996). Sadism and masochism can affect both men and women but when one looks into the roles of gender that society pigeonholes its members to perform one can understand how this gender role assignment might play a role in the development and the actions of those who have sadist or masochist fetishes. Women and men's sexual practices in sadomasochism are a reflection of their gender roles in society."

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