Decriminalization of Marijuana in Canada Essay by HeavyD

Decriminalization of Marijuana in Canada
A discussion on whether or not marijuana should be legalized in Canada.
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This paper outlines the history of Canadian narcotics legislation as it pertains to marijuana. It then outlines arguments both for and against legalization or decriminalization while assessing the harm or good that this could cause.

Marijuana A Brief History
The Plant in Canada
Drug Laws
An Examination of Proposed Changes to Canadian Marijuana Laws
Pros And Cons
Maintaining the Status Quo
Legalization or Decriminalization? Personal Reflections

From the Paper:

"There has been much talk and speculation as of late that Canada is ready to change its marijuana policy. Following the lead of such countries as Spain and England, it appears that Canada has been seriously considering either decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana possession. There are many arguments against and for such a move. Many against a change to marijuana policy feel that undertaking such a step would lead to increased usage, especially among young people. Those in favor feel that changing marijuana policy is a timely idea that will actually lead to decreased usage: marijuana could be treated as a public health issue as opposed to a criminal act, thereby allowing the government to set up health education programs in an attempt to deter its use. This approach has worked for tobacco and alcohol. This paper is going to look at the pros and the cons of a change in Canadian law in terms of its effect on organized crime. The nature and structure of the Canadian marijuana trade will be examined in order to see what benefits, if any a decriminalization or legalization move would provide. Before this can be done, the current drug law must be examined as it pertains to marijuana."

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