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This paper examines the various cultural, political and economic factors that have contributed to the Cuban-American success story.
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This paper argues that counter to popular belief, Cubans are far from a homogeneous ethnic group. Rather, it was this group's shared sense of exile and its mobilization of large numbers of immigrants that paved the way for their socio-economic and political clout. This paper takes a historical approach to the growth of economic and political power of Cuban-Americans. It looks at how Cuban exiles slowly shifted focus from anticipating their return to the homeland in the years following the revolution, to working with and eventually becoming part of the established elite in Miami. This paper also discusses how Cubans slowly carved a new identity, as Cuban-Americans. This transformation further paved the way for the development of the Cuban-American elite, first in business and later, in politics.
Review of Literature
Geography and Population
From Exiles to Citizens
Miami Politics and Economics

From the Paper:

"In summary, conventional wisdom has credited Cuban American prosperity to their social homogeneity. However, this is only part of the picture. Unlike other Hispanic groups, Cuban Americans have benefited from a strong social cohesion, brought about by a common goal to topple Cuba. This commonality paved the way for the establishment of social networks, which were later geared towards increasing Cuban presence in local and state politics. Additionally, the greater educational achievement of Cuban Americans further contributed to their growing economic power in the 1980s. Given the aging of the Castro regime and Cuba's growing openness towards capitalism, the economic and political might of the Cuban American population can only increase."

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