Crucial Role of Political Parties Essay by GoGators

Crucial Role of Political Parties
A look at the way that political parties continue to be an essential part of the political process.
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This paper makes a case for why political parties have become an essential part of political campaigns, primarily because of their enormous fund-raising capabilities. The writer demonstrates that parties as they are today are essential, because of their ability to run smooth and large-scale campaigns.

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"Paul Herrnson said it best in his contention that, "American parties are primarily electoral institutions. They focus more on elections and less on initiating policy change than do parties in other Western democracies" (Maisel 47). While the influence of political parties has fluctuated greatly throughout their 150-year influence, one critical advantage of parties has seemingly guaranteed their undeniable essentialness in campaigns; their ability to raise vast sums of money. With vast sums of money came the ability to provide essential resources to candidates, and the "increased needs of candidates for greater access to technical expertise, political information and money created an opportunity for organizations to become the repositories of these electoral resources" (Maisel 52). Party-run campaigns have supplanted candidate-centered campaigns, and this is a trend not likely to change as the years progress. Even with the inception of campaign finance reforms such as the Federal Election Campaigning Act of 1971 and the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, parties have continually adapted to changing legal limits on various forms of campaign finance, and monies raised continues to increase. Parties have used these increased funds to do whatever it takes to win elections, such as hiring campaign consultants who seek to ensure that the party gets enough votes when Election Day comes. As demonstrated in Thomas Frank's What's the Matter with Kansas?, the unlikely transformation of Kansas from one of the most liberal states to a now overwhelming majority Republican state is a feat in itself, and happened because of shrewd campaign tactics."

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