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Critical Incident Management
This paper analyzes the influence of scenario-based planning in institutional strategic management for security organizations.
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In this article, the writer discusses the influence of scenario-based planning within the policy measures found within critical incident management (CIM) for security organizations. The writer notes that with terrorism and natural disasters, such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, this form of policy creating apparatus is helping to insure that authorities, organizations, and other people involved in security have a set of guidelines to follow in case of a future emergency. Many security agencies are currently using a scenario-based policy to enable officials and security personnel to adapt and understand emergencies and to follow set rules to keep order and stability in these types of organizations. The writer concludes that the primary facets of scenario-based planning are an influential part of how institutional strategic management is now being incorporated into modern security organizations.

From the Paper:

"The role of scenario-based planning within security organizations has been a major influence in how policy in constructed for disasters or violent threats to any agency. Security firms have often used various models to help bring about possible scenarios to help create order and return normal functionality to many processes that include the safety of personnel, financial security, and the way that the organization is able to solve possible problems. With a new policy initiative focused on the necessity future scenarios, there is a general consensus through these organizations to bring forth ways to handle problems through their possible causal factors, rather than having to react with uncertain immediacy to events that were not premeditated."

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