Creationism in Public Schools Essay

Creationism in Public Schools
Discussing the controversial question about what theory of creation should be taught in public schools.
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Published on Apr 13, 2003 in Education (Curriculum) , Philosophy (Science) , Astronomy (Cosmology)

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This research paper explores the widely disputed concept of which forms of evolution, if any, should be taught in public schools. Did God create the universe, or did it stem from the Big Bang. What educators and school boards think. Current schools' policies are examined, and many experts' opinions are analyzed.

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"Since Charles Darwin published his Origin of Species, a constant battle between creation and evolution has arisen. Darwin offered a new explanation of where man came from. He believed that humans, and all other living things for that matter, evolved from less complex forms of life, allowing only the fittest species to survive and adapt. Furthermore, evolutionists, the supporters of Darwin's theory, believe the universe was created in a massive explosion billions of years ago called the big bang. Creationists, on the other hand, believe that some higher power, usually God, created the universe as described in the Genesis chapter of the Bible. The debate over how the universe was created eventually spilled over into America's public education system, leading to a major controversy. Because of laws mandating a separation of religious beliefs and public institutions, like public schools, a decision on which theory of the universe's creation should be taught could not be reached. This poses a new question. To what degree, if any, should creationism and evolution be taught in the public schools? Based on current scientific evidence, waning public opinion, and the violation of the separation of church and state, it is negligent for creationism to have a place in America's classrooms."

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