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Examining different theories about the age of the universe and how it all started.
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Published on May 04, 2003 in Astronomy (Cosmology)

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This paper explores some theories about the beginning of the universe and focuses on the Big Bang Theory. It explains that depending on whose research you follow, the universe could be anywhere from 9.5 billion to a few trillion years old. This paper introduces and discusses the Big Bang Theory, explaining how, according to the theory, the universe came in being. It then discusses the Redshift critique of the theory.

From the Paper:

"In 1929, Edwin Hubble decided that because the light coming from most galaxies was redshifted, the universe must be expanding after exploding from an infinitesimal volume of superhot, superdense concentration of matter and energy. The explosion is called the big bang which propelled matter in all directions and at all speeds. According to the big bang theory, the farther away an object is from us, the more redshifted its light. Also, a greater redshift means the object is moving away faster than objects with less redshift. If the universe is not expanding, this cannot be true and the redshift must be due to other causes. An astronomer can tell how old the universe is by the rate of expansion. If the redshift is due to something other than expansion, nothing can be said about the universe's age. The old paradigm of a steady state universe suggests that the universe is a closed system, with matter and energy in a constant flux."

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