Coriolanus and Aufidius in Shakespeare's "Coriolanus" Essay by mrcool

Coriolanus and Aufidius in Shakespeare's "Coriolanus"
A look how Coriolanus and Aufidius interrelate in Shakespeare's "Coriolanus."
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"Shakespeare's last tragedy, Coriolanus, is both very similar to his earlier tragedies, but also highly individualistic. The central character, Coriolanus, is not the central villain of the play, unlike Macbeth. Neither is Coriolanus the central hero of the play, unlike Hamlet. Rather, Coriolanus is a perplexingly pitiable character that has both positive and negative characteristics. He is honorable in his personal, but not particularly loyal in his civic affairs. He is an elitist and violent, but he is also modest and worships his mother. Tullus Aufidius is the character that is counter-poised to Coriolanus throughout most of the play. He is Coriolanus's nemesis and competitor."

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