Conservatism within Society Essay by Peter Pen

Conservatism within Society
A review of the definition and examples of the application of conservatism within Canadian society.
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This paper discusses the definition and application of conservatism within society. It provides examples from within Canadian society of equality of opportunity and freedom and how these concepts relate to conservatism. The paper also discusses why the author feels that she can be considered conservative due to the views and beliefs that she holds.

From the Paper:

"Another way of viewing this aspect of Conservative tradition is found in their ideas of marriage. Conservatives put emphasis on the idea of a traditional family in that this is the environment where a child is supposed to be taught the values of a society with the hope that they will eventually become a vital member of that society (Macpherson, 1980, pg 72-74). However, this theory seems very dated by today's standards because it is becomes very difficult to prove that a child will flourish only when in the presence of the traditional family, and not in one consisting of a single mother, or two homosexual parents. In this aspect, among other issues such as abortion, conservatism seems to have similar views on these subjects as the church, which may in part stem from historical tradition. In my opinion, the church should not so greatly interfere with political issues that governments' actions are completely influenced. These two organizations should be treated as such because they both have completely different agendas, with the government leading an entire society, and the church only acting as a leader to a select representation of that society. Even though this doesn't seem to occur as drastically as it did throughout modern history, it should still be enforced that these two institutions be completely separate."

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