Conflicts and Communication in Relationships Essay

Conflicts and Communication in Relationships
A review of the communication problems in the movies "When Harry Met Sally" directed by Rob Reiner, and "The War of the Roses" directed by Danny DeVito.
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Published on Jul 23, 2014 in Communication (Interpersonal) , Sociology (General) , Film (General)

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"Conflicts will occur in every relationship no matter what the circumstances of the partners' relations are. To put it simply, couples argue over several issues including issues dealing with money, their children, labor around the house, and irritating habits that get on each other's nerves. Communication itself is often a precursor to conflicts in relationships. One of the most crucial parts in preserving any relationship is communication. "Several confrontations happen due to one or both partners not clearing stating their wants and needs. People are not mind readers, however, we often think that people close to us should just "know" want we want. Often we assume someone else's notions but we do so with small precision.
"Confronting a person about their intention can be awkward so many of us often settle for our misconceptions. However, if we are able to communicate our wants and needs more clearly and get confirmation from the receiver that they understood what we said, then many problems would be eliminated and fewer conflicts would occur as a result. The movie entitled When Harry Met Sally displays the creation side of relations. On the other hand, The War of the Roses, without a doubt, illustrates the destruction of relationships. Conflicts in the characters' relationships do indeed happen in both of these movies. Conflicts in relationships are obstacles that need to be overcome rather than avoided.
"Some examples of conflict could include indirect expressions of anger. This was actually shown in both of the movies with the two couples. When people are uncomfortable in venting their anger directly, they will resort to passive aggression, which means expressing one's anger indirectly. Some forms of this would include sarcasm, nagging, and never ending criticism. Criticism in The War of the Roses is illustrated several times throughout the movie by both the husband, Oliver, and the wife, Barbara, especially towards the end when their marriage just starts falling apart. In When Harry Met Sally, Harry uses sarcasm almost in a manipulative way towards Sally to get her to tell him things she wants kept to herself. Another example of displays of passive aggression would be procrastination by the husband, Oliver, when it came to reading his wife's contract on her new upcoming catering business. When he finally decided he wanted to read it, she was furious and put up a front and snatched it from him out of anger. This caused major conflict amongst the couple in the movie."

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