Child Development Essay by Master Researcher

Child Development
A discussion regarding theory of child development, the argument of nature versus nurture and a review of Piaget's theory of child behaviour.
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This paper provides two essays on child development, the first on the argument over whether the development of behavior is governed more by nature or nurture and how each affects child development; and the second on two of the stages offered by Piaget, the pre-operational stage and the concrete operational stage, and the differences between them as reflected in child behavior.

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"The argument over whether the development of behavior is governed more by nature or nurture has been ongoing for many decades. Which force is seen as dominant governs how one decides a number of biological and sociological issues. The debate over nature versus nurture means do inherent traits or the power of training and socialization in a cultural setting decide behavior. The debate has been seen in a wide variety of contexts, from gender roles to criminal activities. Studies of gender, for instance, suggest that as with most human behaviors, both nature and nurture play a role, and gender emerges in the interaction of the two. This can be seen in studies comparing different societies and showing that human behavior develops based on genetic factors creating a beginning framework that is then modified by the environment. Other studies have addressed criminal behavior and whether it is to any degree genetic."

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