Child Development Essay by Jhony Bravo

Child Development
A brief overview of different theories for the stages of child development.
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Child development has always remained under tight scrutiny by various psychologists and sociologists. In this regard, a large number of theories exist which highlight various factors involved in the development of a child. This paper examines various theories of child development by analyzing view points of three important theorists Piaget, Freud and Vygotsky. It also encompasses the stages and factors affecting the child development.

Stages of Child Development
Factors Affecting Development of Children

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"Various theorists have diverse opinions on the child development. Some theorists accord lot of importance to the developmental stages but there are theorists who contest the same. Erikson (1997, pp. 55-77) dwelled on a theory describing eight developmental stages through which a healthily developing human should pass from infancy to late adulthood. A person going through these developmental stages needs to master challenges being presented by that stage. A challenge of a particular stage not successfully completed reappear as problem in the next stage. According to Erikson, a child passing through the age of 6-10 years has to confront the Middle Childhood Stage which offers various challenges like acquiring of skills for and developing competence in work, developing friendships, self-evaluations, and team-play etc."

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