Chamberlain and Appeasement Essay by BirdHound

Chamberlain and Appeasement
A look at how Neville Chamberlain's election as Prime Minister and his relationship with Hitler affected the appeasement process.
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This paper examines Neville Chamberlains impact on the appeasement process rather than his political history. It focuses on his relationship with Hitler and looks at the claim that he was a gullible leader. It shows how his impact on foreign affairs was huge and almost immediate when he came to power and how he changed the whole dynamic of appeasement, from a slow and passive policy, to a very much active one. It also examines how Chamberlain was all too eager to foster good relations with Germany and her allies and how he was all to happy to take Hitler?s assurances that Germany also wanted peace, as long as somebody could regulate its terms.

From the Paper:

"When Chamberlain came to power, he followed a series of Prime Ministers (notably McDonald and Baldwin), who had seen Britain as a true super power. This attitude had led to an isolationalist foreign policy, and a lack of new trade routes being formed. Chamberlain was a seasoned political campaigner, and could see Britain's position for what it was, tied to America, not active in trade with Europe and ill prepared for the conflict which many saw as inevitable in the near future. This was fuelled by a report from the chiefs of staff in January 1938 which observed that "Naval, Military and air forces in their present stage of development, are still far from sufficient to meet our defensive commitments, which now stretch from Western Europe, through the Mediterranean to the Far East". We cannot foresee the time when our defences will be strong enough to safeguard our territory, trade and vital interests against Germany, Italy and Japan simultaneously?."

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