Categorizing Transportation Systems Essay by Paramount

Categorizing Transportation Systems
A look at the history of transport as divided into four categories - those that travel by wheels, those that travel by rails, those that travel by water, and those that travel by air.
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This paper discusses these categories and shows how both current and past transportation systems fit into these four categories. It also looks at how changing technology and the changing needs of society alters the forms of these transportation systems, but not the basic means by which they travel. It concludes that the four categories remain the same, while vehicles in each continue to develop.

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"Firstly, it is necessary to define the term transport and the transportation systems that are being referred to. The term transport is defined as "to carry from one place to another" (The American Heritage Dictionary). It is also necessary to distinguish between transport and transportation systems. For example, a ladder and an escalator are means of transport, as they allows people or goods to travel from one place to another. These are not, however, transportation systems. Transportation systems are means of transport created for the mass transport of people or goods. This definition includes all the forms of transport that are used to transport people over varying distances but excludes the transports such as the ladder and the escalator, since they are not a means of mass transport. It also excludes those means of transport that are not created."

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